About NIC Ashoknagar

  • NIC established its district center in AshokNagar in the year of 2008. The District Center is in Collectorate premises on Ashoknagar-Vidisha road. NIC district Centre is providing effective informatics support to the District Administration Ashoknagar. NIC Ashoknagar has been playing a catalytic roll in prompt IT culture for effective governance at the district level. NIC Ashoknagar is committed to meet and exceed customer requirements by providing Quality and Reliable ICT services and global solutions. Presently District center is enriched with sufficient hardware in terms of Server, Clients, Printers, strong Battery Backup Netwoking equipments and other hardware peripherals. In District NIC the 34 mbps lease line is established. Through which around 35 nodes are connected throughout the campus. The Forest, DPC and Post office are the outer sites where the Internet connectivity is provided. Through NICNET NIC Ashoknagar is providing Email services in the district. Almost all departments up to block level are having their Email account on NIC domain. Video Conferencing is another important function of NIC district centre. On an average 45 to 50 VC sessions are being conducted in every month. Various departments of the district are using the VC facility. NIC district centre plays a vital role in smooth implementation and function of different Central government, State Government and Local IT projects related to various departments. For this NIC district centre organizes workshops and training programs time to time and provides continuous technical support.
    To Know more about NIC Visit the link http://www.nic.in

Events / Workshop Organized

  • Digital India Outreach Campaign (08-02-2017) download

  • E-Uparjan 2017-18 Workshop (12-01-2017) download

  • Cashless Transaction Workshop (26-12-2016) download

  • E-Uparjan 2016-17 Workshop (13-01-2016) download

  • E-Uparjan 2015-16 Workshop (15-01-2015) download

  • CM helpline Workshop (03-08-2014) download

  • Attendance and Leave Monitoring System (16-01-2014) download

  • E-Uparjan 2014-15 Workshop (03-01-2014) download

  • End-to-End Computerization Workshop (05-08-2013) download

  • Desktop Video Conferencing Launched (date 02-01-2013) download

  • Release of District Website (date 19-09-2012) download

  • NADRS Workshop (date 26-05-2012) download

  • Loksewa Workshop (date 05-03-2012) download

  • E-Uprajan Workshop (date 29-02-2012 & 01-03-2012) download

  • SMS based System (date 13-12-2011) download

  • MDP Workshop (date 13-12-2011) download


  • National Informatics Centre
    Collectorate, Vidisha Road
    Ashoknagar (MP) Pin: 473331
    Telephone: 07543-222500
    E-mail: mpash@nic.in

ICT Projects in the District

  • Central Projects

    NADRS Disease reporting system of Livestocks
    MCTS Mother Child health tracking system
    Census 2011 Compilation of census data
    NREGA Web based system for NREGA
    Plan Plus Online system for preparing District Plan
    PRIASOFT Online accounting system for Panchayats
    AWASSOFT MIS for Indira Awas Yojna
    AGMARKNET Agricultural Marketing Information system
    Crop Cutting Crop cutting experiment and information system
    BPL Survey MIS for BPL database
    AISES All India School Education Survey

  • State Projects

    E-Uprajan Wheat and Paddy Procurement
    Loksewa Public Service Management System
    E-Scholarship Scholarship Portal for Students
    Land Records Computerized Land Records
    Samadhan Online Grievance Redressal by Chief Minister
    Public Grievance Public Grievance Portal open for Public
    PARAKH Basic Services/Amenities Management system
    Food Public Distribution Management system
    VQRMS Vidhansabha question reply management system
    CDIS Collector's Tour/Diary Information system
    BRISC Web based Bank Recovery Incentive Scheme

  • Local Projects

    District Website Design, Development and Update District Website
    TL Online Time Limit Paper Monitoring System
    Election Support in Voterlist, Polling, Counting etc. for further details about Projects click here...

Awards / Appreciation Received

  • Appreciation by District Administration (date 15-08-2016) download

  • Appreciation by District Administration (date 26-01-2016) download

  • Digital India Award by Central IT Minister (date 28-12-2015) download

  • Appreciation by District Administration (date 15-08-2015) download

  • Appreciation by District Administration (date 15-08-2014) download

  • Appreciation by District Administration (date 15-01-2014) download

  • Appreciation by Zila Panchayat (date 12-03-2013) download

  • NIC officials awarded on Republic Day (date 26-01-2013) download